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Sellers, READ UP! My morning routine hardly changes but what has changed is the headlines I’m reading before I roll out of my warm, comfortable bed…

CNN Money had a great article today, headline reading Home Prices Finally Returning to Normal  and that could not be any more true across the nation. including Northern Nevada at the moment. I wanted to update the Valley on how quick these homes are going in escrow and this article proves what we are seeing..

Just to give you an idea of what the Valley is moving, I have a buyer, an amazing, patient buyer who has been watching the market for the last 2 years. We finally spotted a house that fit him and his teenage son like a glove (within reason of course).. Home was listed for $199,000 on a Thursday. We raced to the Valley and saw it that same afternoon. I wrote an offer before I went there just in case he loved it… He did in fact love it and we submitted an offer close to asking price, quick close, normal sale. By the time 24 hours had passed, this house had 4 other offers ahead of ours and a few were OVER asking price!  Went into escrow the very next day.. Less than 24 hours on the market. Now, that is only my story of what happened last week.. Their are plenty of other Agents like me dealing with the same thing!

I pulled all the Pending homes in the Carson Valley as of today (there are 151).. Out of that 151 homes, 15 of them were put into escrow within a few days of even being listed! Here is the link to view them… LINK TO PENDING 

Just in time for spring… warm weather beings out buyers! Call me or e-mail me if you’d like some data/comps on your home and I’ll send them over quick. If anything, its good for you to see what your neighborhood is doing and the progress your home may be making towards a comeback!

Also, here is a good article for Home Buyers.. still a great time, low rates and market is stable.. Couldn’t ask for anything better!  Link to Article Get ready to Buy a Home“. 

Call/text/e-mail anytime…!

Jenny L. Johnson REALTOR, CDPE ePRO

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