HomeMint.com a must see.. It might bring Sexy Back…



Its no secret that Celebrities and Stylist go hand n’ hand nowadays. They work so close on a daily basis, its usually a matter of time before a collaboration of some sort transpires. A good friend of mine led me to this newly found Home Decor collaboration from an unlikely source…

HomeMint.com is the ever-so styled child created by Justin Timberlake & his personal home decor stylist Estee Stanley. Concept is simple, they are the avenue for you to search our huge “inter-web” based on the style selection you pick after you answer some style questions. They use smaller companies for purchasing (i.e. not Target) and they match your taste with similar vendors that will be able to create the look and feel you are after for your space… Brilliant.

More of these companies have surfaced in the last year and I have to admit, I’m a huge fan.. (Houzz.com is another favorite at the moment) I admire that stylists allow us into their minds, opening it up to the normal, aka not uber wealthy, so that we can still live a life of great style!

Check it out where you have some time… HomeMint.com


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